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Please check out my work!! :D :heart:

Odile is currently working on...
:bulletred: England x Reader (Two part, mult. end) :iconyayenglandplz:
:bulletblue: Austria x Reader (Two part) :iconyayaustriaplz:
:bulletred: Hungary x Reader (Two part) :iconyayhungaryplz:


NONE!! :D Why don't you request something?

HetaOni Project...

:bulletblue: Chapter 1

"Means I Love You" Series...
:bulletblue: Russia :iconyayrussiaplz:
:bulletblack: England
:bulletblack: China
:bulletblack: Lithuania

:bulletpurple: Posts are about weekly.
:bulletpurple: Drabbles are unannounced, the list of stories I am working on is above.
:bulletpurple: Different bullets indicate different lengths, current color of bullet = current length of story. :bulletred: = 10+, :bulletgreen: = 5-10, :bulletblue: = -5, :bulletblack: = 0 (haven't started/hiatus)
:bulletpurple: Requests are always open and are completed when I feel like it. Send me a note!
:bulletpurple: Don't be afraid to note me. I forget things!
:bulletpurple: You may request a second part, but please don't ask if I already said there would be two parts!


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PrincessOdile's Profile Picture
Please call me Odile!
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature

(Not my art as the picture, just a picture I absolutely adore!)

:heart: :rose: Hello~! Welcome to my profile--I hope what you find here is to your liking!
I'm Odile. I love anime and manga; 'specially Hetalia, as you can probably already tell. I like dancing, baking, cooking, drawing, writing, cosplay, violin-ing(?), all this good stuff. This account here is for all my fan-shtuffs~ So, please enjoy! :D
I thank you all for the favourites!! :D Truly!! I just don't have the time to go around to everyone's page and say thank you. (I never thought my writing would be so well liked... ^^;) But~, really, really, thank you! You're awesome if you even look at one of my stories, thank you very much~!! Oh, yeah, by the way... I like comments... :meow: And I love my followers even more. So, please don't be scared to comment or watch! Pretty please?
da Stamp - Art Trades Open by lynkx-ie dA Stamp - Requests Open by lynkx-ie
That's all for now! I hope you enjoy everything in my gallery! :rose: :heart:

My aweomsely adorable icon was made by this wonderful person as part of an icon family -… - Xx-Dark-Moon-xX, she's awesome and has other icons still open, too!

My YouTube, full of awesome subbed videos:…

Miscellaneous Info:
:bulletblue: Lives: With Germany and France. France always talks about someone named Matthew here too... I've never seen him.
:bulletpink: Dances: Ballet, Tap
:bulletblue: Plays: Violin
:bulletpink: Music: Vocaloid, J-Pop, J-Rock, K-Pop, classical...
:bulletblue: TV shows/movies: Other than a buttload of animes, I like horror, forensics/true crime, and comedy. Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, and Die Welle (The Wave).
:bulletpink: Video Games: POKÉMON. Call of Duty, the Sims
:bulletblue: Cosplays: Ukraine, France, Luka Megurine
:bulletpink: Fangirls Over: Bishounen. Kamui Gakupo, Kim Hyun Joong, and lots of Hetalia charcaters. Top three: Russia, Romano, America.
:bulletblue: Complex: ...I have a Big-Sister Complex...
:bulletpink: Own any Plushies?: YES. PLUSHIE RUSSIA IS MINE. :stinkeye: I also have Pokémon ones.
:bulletblue: Ships: I don't really... Okay. I lied. I like GakuKai, KaiMei, Spamano, AusHun, FrUK, UKUS (WHAT MADNESS IS THIS!?), RocketShipping and others.
:bulletpink: Pet-peeves: Generalizations, oblivious-ness, not being given rules/directions/details (PLEASE I NEED SOMETHING TO WORK FROM OTZ)
:bulletblue: Anything else?: ...:dummy: I'm a little weird. And maybe a tad crazy.
*deep breath* ... ooh ... fuck me. Yeah. I lied. I tried, I really did, and I'm so sorry I got nothing accomplished, but school is going to be over at the end of this week and that means time for writing, soooo... yep. Let's hope I can stick to my words this time. ^^; Anyway, if you guys could, follow me on Tumblr (i'm a lot more active there) at please, and yeah. I have drawings and cosplay pictures (… ) and it's an anything goes fandom kind of blog so check it out. Anyway, I promise just one more week you guys, and thank you sooooooo much for your patience! I've cleared out all my messages and I'll be writing again soon!!
Over and out!
~Odile :rose:
  • Reading: Homestuck

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Happy (belated?) birthday! :D
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Hello, hello! I have really enjoyed your stories and have come to make you aware of the fact! Your original ideas, descriptive language, and GRAMMAR, YAYYYYY!! make me very happy! Hope you're having a great week!
Love and sharp weapons,
Phoenix-Fire-4 Featured By Owner May 25, 2013
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Odile! You have a DA account? I did not know...How are you? ^__^
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Here is your late late prize well one of them anyways [link]
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Merci pretty much for faving ”APH: All I wanted was your love” [link] , mademoiselle.
If you would like to check out another my artwork, here you are: [link] :iconsadcraiplz:
PrincessOdile Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
You're very welcome, ma chérie! :D I thought it was really amazing~ very powerful and your art is very pretty~!
ChocotanYuu Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Merci so much, mademoiselle :icontuzkicryplz:
I'm so glad for you spent your precious time to see them, I appreciate it...!
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