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December 6, 2012
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Norway x Reader
Jeg Er Glad I Deg means I Love You

"Hallo?" you called out to the silent house as you shrugged out of your coat and placed your things down.

Silence greeted you.

"Anybody?" Your voice echoed through the house with no response and you frowned. Always, almost every single time, you came home to an empty home. It wasn't like it was early either. Your watch said it was well past 8:00 o'clock.

Oh well. There wasn't much you could do about it. No one "officially" lived here besides you, so you couldn't complain, but people tended to come and stay a night, or two, or ten. Usually it was the fun group of people known as the Nordics. The most common ones to stay were Emil, Mathias, and Lukas. Berwald and Tino preferred to stay with each other, but they did visit.

Lukas was supposed to be staying for the night, today. You guessed he just wasn't back yet. It was nice to come home and find someone in the house every once in awhile, however.

The house was large enough so you let them each have their own rooms and everything. For most of them, this was actually like a second home. Not that you minded; in fact, you loved it. It was less lonely this way, and, well, you were hopelessly in love with one of the men. The Norwegian one who was supposed to be staying over, Lukas. There was something just so whimsical about him, even though he seemed cold most of the time.

You could feel your cheeks tingling just thinking about him. Pressing your hands to your face, you squealed a little inside before wandering off through the house. There were things to be done; you couldn't stand there daydreaming all night, as much as you'd like to.

You cleaned up a little around the house (those men weren't the best at picking up after themselves), and threw together a quick meal before taking a warm bath. Pulling on an old t-shirt and pyjama shorts before draping a towel over your shoulders, you left the bathroom and sauntered down to the living area. There, you flopped onto the couch and flicked the television on while pulling open your laptop. Something mind-numbingly boring started playing, and as you went through the channels nothing good was on. The internet wasn't providing much entertainment for once, either. You had had enough of this, after an hour of severe lazing around and boredom. At least you tried to occupy yourself. Yawning, you pulled yourself from the couch and went back to the hall where your bedroom was. It was getting a little late.

Wait a second. You backed up a few steps down the hallway. Lukas's room was down the same wing as yours, and some exploring sounded fun. He was supposed to be out for most of the night, anyway. Isn't that what he told you? Absentmindedly, you turned and faced an already ajar door.

Open. It was open.

Lukas's room.

Well, this wasn't good. Exploring suddenly lost its place under the "fun" category. No one was allowed in the Norwegian's room.

The better person inside of you told you to close the door and go to your room, but the curiouser side urged you to push the door open and explore.

Cautiously, you reached out and pushed on the door just a tiny bit. It swung open farther and you inched closer. Repeating the process until you were in his room, something kept telling you to stop and just close the door and leave it at that. Too late, you were in his room and now the lights were turned on.

Once again, something suddenly caught your attention. Swiftly heading towards the bed, you climbed up on it, an adorable pink, stuffed rabbit sitting at the head. You crawled up to it and picked it up, barely wondering why Lukas would have something like this. Probably some memoir of sometime or another, you concluded in the back of your mind as you examined the bunny. It was so cute and soft. It looked handmade, too.

Not being able to resist, you squealed a little and cuddled it tightly, falling over onto your side. It was just too cute to not hug it at least once... or twice. Just for a few more minutes...

As Lukas arrived home, he was quite surprised and a little nervous to see that his bedroom light was the only light on in the house. Entering the house, he called out for the girl that owned the place, with no response.

"Tch." He was pretty sure he knew exactly where she went.

As he calmly stormed down the hallway, since calm was in his nature, he saw that yes, it was indeed his room with the door wide open and the lights on. And that meant that she was in there, too.

Truthfully, he was a little pissed off. No one should've been going into his room. No one at all. He rounded the doorway, ready to give the girl a piece of his mind when he stopped.

She was in his room, but... she had fallen asleep on his bed with his precious rabbit.

And she was actually pretty cute like that.

He felt his face go red. So maybe he had developed some feelings for the girl. Taking a deep breath, he relaxed and continued into the room. Standing over her, he crossed his arms and frowned. Lukas didn't know what to do. She should not have been in his room, but she was already asleep and really adorable like that. His cheeks heated up again.

Maybe he would just do this...

Climbing onto the bed, he lifted her sleeping form up a bit, carefully, and slid his arms around her waist before laying down and curling up with her. Her warmth and the slow rhythm of her breath were melodic and hypnotic, and Lukas soon felt himself starting to drift off, too. His breath fell in time with hers and he closed his eyes, tightening his arms around her like she was his stuffed rabbit.


The Norwegian's eyes opened at the sound of the girl's voice. His heart quickened just a little bit, but he just cuddled closer to her.

"W-What are you doing?" she asked, her breath shaky.

Lukas laid there for a moment. "Straffe deg," he replied in his native language.

He knew the girl had no idea what he just said; she didn't know Norwegian. Still, in a quiet voice she asked, "Why?"

"Fordi jeg er glad i deg," he said nervously. Wait. What did he just say to her? He couldn't believe it. His brain must've been someplace very far away.

She stayed silent. "I don't know Norwegian," she deadpanned after a minute.

Lukas hummed in response. Should he tell her? If he did, it had to be in as little words as possible. He swallowed. "Punishing you."

She could piece together that. She knew she wasn't allowed in his room. Still, she decided it was a very odd form of punishment, but kept her mouth closed.

"Because," he said slowly, "I love you."

She gasped, and her heart started thumping wildly after skipping a beat. Lukas's heart started beating erratically, too. He had really no idea what she thought of him, but she hadn't freaked out and pulled away. Wasn't that a good sign?

"So 'jeg er glad i deg' means 'I love you'?" she asked, looking for a conformation.

"It means 'I'm happy with you'. But, yes." What was he saying? He needed to tape his own mouth closed.

"Oh," she breathed. "Then," she rolled herself over in his arms, looking terribly shy with her face dusted pink, "jeg er glad i deg."

Lukas's face changed to match hers in colour when she spoke, and even surpassed it when she leaned forwards and kissed his nose. He stopped her when she tried to pull away, pressing his lips to hers in a sweet, chaste kiss. Now it was her turn to blush harder, and when they broke away she hid her face in his chest.

"Really," she said slowly, "jeg er glad i deg, Lukas."

He hummed again in response, pulling her closer and finally allowing his happiness to spill into his voice. "Me too."
What is it with all this cuddling and falling asleep? And all the Nordics? :XD: Not that I mind~

For whatever reason I decided to make Norway kind-of rather nervous here. Hope he isn't OOC. It's always the quiet ones to look out for...

This is a request, but it also the first instalment of a series I am starting~ :D Yay! (And of course I had permission from the requester, you silly person.) Ill take requests for characters and plot ideas. Some info is here, because its a little odd to explain: [link]

Request for ~DanishNightmare
Terribly sorry for the late-ness. :ohnoes: I hope you liked it, at least~
Requests are open, as always!! :D (Trades, too, if you prefer!!)

No Translations for you because Norge does it for ya. Deal with it!

I dont own Hetalia~ :iconitalyplz:
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